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Calgary or Vancouver


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i went to the show in Vancouver and let me just say that i was kinda.... disappointed..


the music was great~! not The Music, but the music... keke

well, The Music weren't bad, just not my kinda music i guess..


but anyways, i was kinda pissed off because their set only lasted an hour and 15 minutes!! what's up with that? every concert i've been to, the main band played at least 1.45 minutes... with lots of encores, but Coldplay went in after just ONE encore! i didn't even get a chance to really get sweaty.. :D


and second of all, i was actually thinking that the show woulda been better if it had been in a smaller, more intimate venue.. because so many of the ppl who came seemed to only know the singles... everyone went CRAZY over Yellow or In my place but didn't seem to know anything else.. maybe it was the kinda shitty seats i had, but i swear i was like the most ecstatic person in the whole section~!


shit... i gotta go out but i'll write more later~ ;)

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well, to continue my earlier post, I really liked their energy, and the lighting was pretty cool.. i just wish they had played for longer for a more appreciative audience...


i thought i had more to write, but i guess that's it... :-D


anyone else go to the show??

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i went to the Calgary show


ello ello


neways so i went to the Calgary show, i drove 12 hours to get to hopefully have one of those life changing experiences... well that didnt happen but it was still a good show. i was stuck in the furthest corner of the saddle dome, and was sitting for almost the whole show because that was the style way up top and if you get to much into it you would lose your balance and fall to your death. but finnaly near the end of the coldplay set i said fuckit and stood up and sang my ass off


it was good but... the music front man did a really scary air hump, and Coldplay didnt do trouble. i heard the Edmonton show was awesome they even did a bit of Avril's sk8er boi. but whatever they're still the best band in the world along with Liberated noise and Radiohead....


oh and Eisely was really good as well

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I also went to the VANCOUVER concert, and I was also very dissapointed.

I actually didn't believe they would end after the song IN MY PLACE, I sat there for twenty more minutes and people were going. The Music were pretty good. I couldn't hear a word Eisley were saying cuz they were too loud. The whole stadium was shaking. I think they didn't do s/c...... :/ :/

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