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favorite movie songs


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yeah grease is good!!

altho i love the english patient sountrack...very relaxing...

the wedding singer soundtrack is EXCELLENT too!


and the song adam sandler sings in the actual film...

"i thought i'd found a love so pure + true...BUT IT ALL WAS BULLSH*T!!!!!!!!!!"


exxxxxxcelllent lol :lol:

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my fav song is from romeo and juliet, "kissing you" by desiree, my fav love and movie song!! as well, i like the music from moulin rouge, bridget jones, know all the songs, and "colourblind" by coutning crows from cruel intentions, lol. and the last one, from love and basketball, "this woman's work" from maxwell.

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a whole new world from aladdin!


gortoz a ran from the black hawk down soundtrack, it's a celtic song, very sad. if you've seen the movie, its the song that was playing in the background at the very end when josh hartnett was talking to this other soldier.


moulin rouge (go ewan mcgregor!) and grease, of course.

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the best movie of all time is The Virgin Suicides. The soundtrack was done by AIR and its great! Theres also another soundtrack with 70s songs they used in the movie like Gilbert O'Sullivan alone again(naturally). I saw an independant film once called Class Warfare there was a song at the end by OLIVE called take my hand but i cant find it on the interent need to find the cd... The last one is from the movie O the song is painted on my heart by the cult i love that song....

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