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You can get skins from places like Italy and Spain that are cotton thin. Rizla's are like smoking A4 paper. Silver slims arent sold much in Ireland.


I have to say though, for the people to have made this Kermit thing to probably be absolute potheads, they sure rolled a shit joint. Tieing off the end is a bluffers technique, you shouldnt have room like that left. And then, it absolutely spoons as it lights up. Poor Kermit.

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:laugh4: :laugh4: :laugh4:






If tragically, my kids started doing weed..

I would hope they had such a classic teacher as KERMIT THE FUCKING FROG :laugh1:



except..i would hope they like, DIDN'T use Rizla's ... :dozey:


PureHemp because it's tree-free, natural gum, and good for the rolling...hey..if you're gonna go all natural in the drug choice...might as well do good on the rest!

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