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Austin City Limits REPEAT...


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:dance: Yessss!! I missed it the first time because I was at a friend's house and no one wanted to watch it . :angry: but no one can stop me now! Except maybe sleep' date=' they're showing it at 1am:stunned:[/quote']



Oh, damnit. Well, yesterday I stayed up because Yeah Yeah Yeahs were on Jimmy Kimmel (sp?) Well, at least this is ALL coldplay, last night I had to sit through Eva Longoria :confused: . I missed it the first time too- I could have kicked myself!

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Is it on another public station??


Mine just ended about 15 minutes ago and it'll be on again in 45. :D So I'll put it on while I write my essay (read: watch it and write a couple of starting sentences :laugh4: ).


It never gets old. :laugh4:

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i'm watching it! and i'm in NZ! *sticks tounge out*


nah, i downloaded it ages ago and just found it again. *is in happy mood*




-How old are you?


-Yeah? this is a pretty cool place to be when your 11. I was uh... i was still going to disney land at your age. You know yeah? It was awsome (sp?). But not as cool though.

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Every time I see that I'm like, "You know what's even cooler than being at a Coldplay concert? Being at a Coldplay concert AND talking to one of the members." That kid struck it big!!!


Man I made a biiig mistake. I was thinking that they'd rerun to CP episode... but I turned it on and it was Blues Traveler! BLUES TRAVELER! :laugh4: I was looking forward to my last round before bed... :( :laugh4:

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