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There must be some pictures/photographs or anything else made by other people that you appreciate. It may be Van Gog or Manet, it also may be someone unknown from Deviantart or elsewhere, it may be any person except you.


Here're some pictures I really really like.


Edward Munch:


The Scream




Jack Vettriano:


The Singing Butler




Camille Pissarro:


The Boulevard Montmartre




Salvador Dali:


Melting Clocks




MC Escher:






Bomd of Union




Jackson Pollock:


The Deep




Mural, 1950




That's just a few of my favorites, almost all of them a well-known.


Spread the art love around :wings:

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great thread idea, Lera! Your choices are mesmerizing.



Detroit Industry or Man and Machine, North Wall. 1932-33. Painted by Diego Rivera at the Detroit Museum of Fine Arts. Fresco.


obviously this is about the Detroit auto industry, but ironically in that whole painting there is only one automobile, it's very hard to find. It's tiny! It's what I always look for when I visit the art museum. And each time I forget where it is at, because the mural takes up a whole wall!












Steven ValiereAfter 35 years of international surfing, Steven Valiere doesn't just know his subject matter - he's lived it almost every day of his life. A self schooled artist with little formal training, Steven works in acrylics to create bold, multi-layered surfscapes celebrating the joy of carving fades, gouging bottom turns, deep tube rides, and sweeping ariels, done with the grace of a Balinese dancer. Vailiere has resided in the Hawaiian islands since 1978 and continues his passions for surf, travel and painting.







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So many art lovers here... That's sad :disappointed:


I'm gonna post here anyway.


Here's a great one by Mark Rothko called Orange and Yellow, 1956.




Maybe I'm crazy but I think this man is genius.

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haha this is a pic of an oil painting that my friend made of my pic and then gave to me.




I'd love to show other her work too because I absolutely love all of her paintings, photographs and everyting she writes. I think she is a genius. I can't show her work because the page that she had her art on doesn't exist anymore.

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i absolutely adore Alex Grey's art.

does anybody know him?

he did the Tool covers and he also created the sculpture on Nirvana's "In Utero" record.

his paintings express so much warmth and love.




there's so much to discover in his art. see the infinity symbols connecting their minds and hearts?



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Here's William Baziotes, an american artist.


This one is truly amazing... That's a real art I think, it's so impressive, that's so great that we all can see different meaning in this picture... That's so hard to express your thoughts and feelings about paintings and art in general, I guess words are too poor for that.






Sam Francis


Untitled, 1980




Mark Rothko again... Man, that's awesome.


Orange, Tan And Purple, 1954 (probably the most famous by him)





I can look at it for hours I guess.

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I found it... I wanted to post this but I forgot the name and now I finally found it.


Jackson Pollock, Galaxy.




For some reason this painting reminds me of Sigur Ros's Svefn-G-Englar. I really can't get why though.


Anyway, Pollock is a genius. His biography is also quite impressive. Man, what wouldn't I give to see his art live.

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Oh Svefn-G-Englar. What a beautiful song:cheesy:


It really amazes me how many people dont like Pollock, even art teachers I've had say that "painting just to paint" is just plain dumb. I personally think he was a genius and his paintings act as a gesture of liberation.


My all time favorites are Lavender Mist and Untitled(After Number 7)


Lavender Mist, 1950





Untitled (after Number 7), 1951


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here are a few paintings by Frida Kahlo that I really like

the other day I watched the movie Frida, that is about her and it's really a wonderful movie so you should watch it if you get a chance


these photos are from an art exhibition with Frida Kahlo's original paintings, I went to that exhibtion with my family in hamburg this year




this one came out blurry :( damn











we got a little tape recorder and head phones at the exhibition so we could hear about Frida Kahlo's life and about her paintings, and that was pretty cool because her paintings are really personal and have like it's own little story. I like that :nice:

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