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the BIG DAY OUT thread


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well i thought it would be good to start this thread as a way to talk about the upcoming big day music festival in australia and nz, rather than talk about it in other topics, i'm ns if it should be in the lounge or the world of music but meh i chose here...


well i think when anyone finds out any information they should post it here

and any anticipating discussion is also good.


so far the announced lineup is:





-the killers

-violent femmes

-my chemical romance

-peaches & herms

-eskimo joe


-spank rock


-the spazzys (AUS only)

-the sleepy jackson (AUS only)

-the herd (AUS only)

-the veils (NZ only)

-shapeshifter (NZ only)

-the mint chicks (NZ only)

-the tutts (NZ only)

-minuit (NZ only)

-opensouls (NZ only)

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