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the BIG DAY OUT thread


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I am so lucky, I bought my ticket a couple of weeks ago, then the very next day the Melbourne tickets were officially sold out! Apparently this year has been the fastest for Melbourne to sell all their tickets. Of course Sydney and Gold Coast are sold out. I should have been more organised, oh well I got my ticket thats the main thing. Anyone else here going?

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I changed my mind about going..dont fancy this years line up much...well not for $112!!!


Thats fair enough, I'm mainly going for the day out with friends. Although I am looking forward to seeing Tool, The Killers and Muse. Ticket prices for all concerts are insane now days, its rare to get a ticket below $100. I'm hoping next years Big Day Out line up will be really fantastic, the last few years have been disappointing, its a bit better this year.

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hey Carole' date=' you're lucky to be going. I'm not, I really didn't think about it at all so I shall remain a BDO virgin until next year. however a bunch of us plan to go to some jazz blues fest next year ghahah! :wacko:[/quote']


yeah i cant wait, its going to be a good day! and I hope you have fun at the jazz blues festival Kathy ;)

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oh how so good big day out was. saw muse, the killers & kasabian. was such a hoot!!


will post photos tomorrow, but heres a muse teaser...




*and yes i did take that photo. i know. i'm proud :P





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