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Seeing them live

Climb to the Sun

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Hey there Sun Climber!! Welcome to the forum of coldplaying!!


Well, I can't name my favourite part of the show, just because I don't have a favourite bit!!...But some things I can think of are; when we sung with Chris during The Scientist, and also when Chris came up as close as 1.5 metres away from me (I was at the front!)...


Did you say that you went to a show in July, which one?

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Well lets just say that seeing them live was something that goes beyond life itself!!! lts like going way way up high man, like the highest you can ever go and whats more??? The love from Coldplay saved my life and I can honestly say today that i'm not so sure that i'd be where i'm at right now, if it wasn't for them and thats all for now. So today my life is awesome because I made 60 days sober and I have one of the greatest relationships in the world not only with God but I am with the man I love!

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