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Did you know that...


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this is thread to talk about curious things, more or less interesting, that probably most of the members never heard...


let's bring some culture to the board... so I start: did you know that...



Portugal traces its national origin to 24 June 1128 with the Battle of São Mamede. Afonso Henriques proclaimed himself first Prince of Portugal and in 1139 the first King of Portugal. By 1143, with the assistance of a representative of the Holy See at the conference of Zamora, Portugal was formally recognized as independent, with the prince recognized as Dux Portucalensis. In 1179, Afonso I was declared, by the Pope, as king. After the Battle of São Mamede, the first capital of Portugal was Guimarães, from which the first king ruled. Later, when Portugal was already officially independent, he ruled from Coimbra.

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....Germany was once divided?:laugh4:


this has something to do with this:


Stalin wanted every army from America, UK and France to get out of germany at the beginning of the 50s to make Germany a neutral country....his own army should do that as well....but his biiig advantage was that he could stay in Poland right next to Germany.....but America answered with the fact that if UDSSR would ever make a military attack America would have used a nuclear bomb.....yes and then germany would be destroyed today...and this board wouldn't have a Gitta Rensolo.....

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Portugal once had a empire

Fanta was invented in Nazi Germany

Croatia has a better football team then England

Peru is where Paddington Bear is from.

San Marino is the worlds oldest republic

Despite having no proper land, the country of Lovely has over 56,000 citizens.

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Fanta was invented during World War II in Nazi Germany by the German Coca Cola (GmbH) bottling company. Due to restrictions on shipping between Nazi Germany and the United States during hostilities, the German bottling plant could no longer get Coca Cola syrup. The CEO of the plant, Max Keith, needed to do something to keep the plant in operation and came up with a fruit flavored drink made from whatever he could find. Using apple fiber left over from cider presses and whey, a byproduct from cheese manufacture, Fanta was created and became quite popular.



Look at the flavours you can have as well!

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Coooool......well actually Germany invented or had the idea for so many things....but most of the time do not dare to take the risk to produce it and to sell it.....a pity..


The German Jetpack of World War II


During WWII, Germany made late-war experiments of strapping two wearable shortened Schmidt pulse jet tubes of low thrust to the body of a pilot. The working principle was the same as the Schmidt-Argus pulse jet that powered the Fieseler Fi 103 flying bomb whereas the size was much smaller.


The device was called "Himmelstürmer" (Skystormer) and operated as follows: when the flier ignited both engines simultaneously the tubes began to pulse modulate. The angled rear tube strapped to the flier's back provided both lift and forward thrust while the chest mounted deflector tube of lower thrust maintained a constant upward thrust. This lifted the flier up and forward. By opening the throttle to the rear tube, calculated "jumps" could be made of up to 60 meter (180 ft) at low altitude (under 50 ft, 15 m). The tubes consumed very little fuel but not much could be carried either.


The intended use for this device was for German pioneers to cross minefields, barbed wire obstacles, and bridgeless waters.

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Politics can be traced to two root words:


Poli,which is from the Latin word for "many" and ticks, which are a type of blood-sucking parasite.


[okay, not necessarily true...]


LOL, its sadly very true!


Did you know that...Walt Disney was afraid of mice?? :laugh4: I read that last time I thought it was extremely funny!

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