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Mac v Windows


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does anyone here have a particular preference? i'm in the market for a new laptop, and seeing as macs can now run windows xp, http://www.apple.com/macosx/bootcamp/publicbeta.html, i might get a mac. i have used a mac only a few times though, and i'll have to try one out before making my choice.


has anyone tried the bootcamp thing? if so, does it work well?

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my problem with linux is that I have a lot of microsoft hardware attached to my computer and as far as I know, none of it is compatible with Linux. At least I don't think so. I was going to partition my drive to use both Windows and Linux on this computer, but my drive is too small...


The biggest problem I have with Linux is that I'm not sure I could install a wireless network with it. I probably couldn't even get the drivers to work. I use a Buffalo G Network Adapter (cheapest one I could find) and I don't think it would work with Linux either. Or would it? Am I just retarded?


I don't think it would be compatible with my all-in-one 4.5 year-old HP printer either. Or would it? I have a lot of custom hardware on my computer... And I'm too lazy to go download 50 different programs and drivers from the Linux site just to work these things. Therefore I like my WinXP.


Also, even though mine freezes a lot :rolleyes: I love the interface on Windows Live Messenger. And I could only use aMSN on Linux (if I had my computer working on the internet)


I'm sure Macs are probably great. The only thing is you have to buy THEIR hardware only. You can't buy a Dell-Apple. That's my main problem with Apple, because they're so expensive... and some of the Macs are ugly. Although I wouldn't mind a mac mini...


That is why I say XP is the best for me. It has given me many problems. But I don't see what all the Linux fuss is about. It doesn't work for all my custom hardware. (or I am too retarded to try it) And the Mac hardware is so expensive... I saw a comparison of a Mac for $6,000 USD and a PC for $6,000 USD and the PC was twice as fast. I'm sorry, but I'd much rather use a slightly problematic OS that is compatible with pretty much any hardware you can buy AND twice as fast.

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^^Me too. =) I bought a MacBook about 5 months ago and I love it. The good thing is that I have two other PCs in my house just in case (they're both my dad's) but I really only need it to update my BlackBerry, really. It's so easy to use and setting it up took like, no time at all. I'm never going back! lol

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