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Awesome Fruit of the Loom commercial.

Mister Snig

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I saw a Fruit of the Loom ad on TV a few minutes ago and did a search on YouTube. It's a music video, not unlike the country song the "band" did a while back. The song is called

Personally, I think it's hillarious. What do you guys think? Do you think it's inspired by Coldplay, or just brit-pop/rock in general?


(Sorry, didn't know where to put this. Feel free to move it, mods.)

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Yeah, hilarious. And I actually like the way it sounds, too, after he says, "I'm so happy that I'm blue!" :laugh4:


I had a dream,

That my whole world was blue,

A royal Xanadu

The world was so brand new.

And ev’rywhere, the underwear was blue

In shades of cobalt, too.

What’s a guy to do?

My denim world had put me in a trance.

The world embraced my slate blue underpants.

And all I know is true,

I’m so happy that I’m blue.

My heart it bleeds, but it’s not red, it’s blue

My briefs are born anew

A cooler shade and hue.

Visions of blue that transcend space and time,

Come crashing through my mind

There’s reason and there’s rhyme.

Like steel blue clouds above

A turquoise sea

The fabric plays its sweet blue symphony.

And all I know is true

I’m so happy that I’m blue.

Oooooo ahhhhhh



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