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Guest LiquidSky
ye ive been doing fine indeed..i started to work..saw the kooks,maximo park and lots of other bands..but i miss my coldplay siiigh:)


howz u????


Damn girl, you've been partying too much! I haven't gone to a concert in months! oh no wait, that's a lie.. I don't remember anymore.:thinking:


I've been having high and lows lately... but today I am in a good good mood which is strange because I almost kill myself yesterday:laugh3: well not kill but you get the point :wink:


Glad things are going great for you. I love it when things are just great and in the corner is xmas.. it just makes it extra better, extra special and extra everything. I hope it won't ruin about the news of coldplay dvd :lipsrsealed2:

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