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2006>Coming To An End:

Guest LiquidSky

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Guest LiquidSky

Tell us the things that inspired you during this year. It could be movies, tv shows, albums or a particular songs, events, an image, books, a person, anything.. Think about it and post it here. I would love to read it:)

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Guest LiquidSky
you first :P


tell us Jo, what did inspire you this year?


I didn't post it because I have to think about it:thinking::P

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This year was a special music year for me :happy:


First of all, I fell complately in love with Radiohead.... And now I can't even imagine how could I live without them, huh.


Second, I discovered for myself Elliott Smith. And that's really important for me in many many ways. (Hail to Walts # 1 and Between The bars...)


And Sigur Ros... And Sufjan Stevens... Awwww.... :blush:


Hm. What about movies.... Hmm... There were many good ones :nice: I think the most impressive was MPIE :laugh1: Ok, and Dear Wendy that I've seen for the very first time...


Thanks to all Jackson Pollock's paintings :kiss:


The WC was a nice event too :shy: Too bad Sweden sucked, but who cares, Klose all the way :evilgrin:


Ermm... And the most inspiring thing is that that's my last school year ever :dance:


I guess that's the most important things that happened to me... Well, there were some more, of course, but I don't wanna talk about that so ta-tda :smiley:

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this year?

this year was great. so much better than 2005 in every single way.

musically... i got "inspired" by Sigur Rós. thankies to Will again! Sigur Rós ... i can't put my feelings in words...

and of course the WC. best thing to happen to us. great atmosphere. great mood. great everything. i will not forget this summer. totally made my year.

and formula one... hahaha. yep, my childhood hero retired. that might sound odd to all of you... i don't care...

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Well when I reflect about this year (oh what an expression.....) I come to the conclusion that it was a damn great year so far...


event: The World Cup here in Germany....I mean what can I say?It was incredible....amazing etc.....I heard a song from the World cup on the radio yesterday.....and aww I became a bit sad actually.....because it was like a dream....yeah it may sound stupid....but whenever you turned on the TV you saw people who were celebrating and singing.....I think for 4 weeks.....Germany forgot its problems.....and the people were just happy....that was strange but awesome at the same time....


what else can I say?


It was a great year in school as well......we went to our class trip to Barcelona which rocked.....and school time itself was pretty cool....because we are going to graduate soon....and yeah the sentence just fits: "Why do all good things come to an end?(:()"


so to summarize it:


A year that rocked my socks!:cool:

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A mostly nice year, yeah!!


-> I really fell in love with coldplay in March 2006, when I bought x&y.. I really

discovered what "to be a fan" means...

Coldplay changes my life.

->Music was a great source of inspiration, this year, for my poems, and my abstract drawings.

-> I won the auction for the coldplay t shirt. GREAT!


-> In february, I bought a new car, and I'm happy of it, cos it's reliable.

-> I fell in love... mmm *thinking* 3 times, and it's great.


-> I started to write poems in June, and it changes my life.

-> In may, I joined the forum (here!!) and it's still great. All the ppl are great, nice and I made good friends here.


-> this year, I became aware of loads of things, like if I lived sth special!


Otherwise, it was a year, full of hopes and expectations... some things messed up, but who cares.... I'm still alive, I'm in love, so why should I care...

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when i think about 2006, all i can think about is July, July, July. i had like, the most beautiful and perfect times ever on July 2006. i even watch Coldplay live on that month, for the first time in my life. and that was pretty unbelievable. and the rest of that July was faaaaabulous. except when i leave i-lan where i had fun the most for 17 days ): i miss it, now, even after five months later.


a year when i started leaving mtv and other music channels on tv. i dont like watching tv now, and that's a big change for me. because then i turn to internet, and right now i cant imagine living without internet, my laptop, and my ipod.


music, of course. the first few months on this year i loved pop songs, but really boring after i listened over and over again. and then i found arcade fire. coldplay pretty much changed my life too. and now i listen to pop folk country kinda songs when a year ago i hated that genre.


this year is kinda bizzare.


humongous, or whatever it spells.

but im ready for a new year!!



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2006 was a very special year for me...


First, hubby and I moved to our apartament.


Then, we adopted a cat and later another cat.


I had the most romantic 1 year wedding anniversary ever ! It was beautiful...


I re discovered my true love for Coldplay


And I do enjoy the idea of being a full time houswife. I don´t miss working at all ! :D

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This year was just great!


I lost some friends during 2005, and during this year i found my old old friends again. And now i've got the best friends ever :nice:


i also joined this forum..lots of great people around here too.


I found so many great bands i had never heard of..like Beck, Sigur Rós, Death Cab, The Strokes..and i fell in love with Muse..i had heard of them before this year, but this year was the point i really started to listening to them



The summer was just incredible..huh..i saw Mew :heart: ,

i met some of the sweetest people i've ever met

i spent the whole summer with the people i really love


And The World Cup!! Whoo! do i even have to say anything?


And i also got my dog this year..



What a great year this was !

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Guest LiquidSky

Sounds like most if not all had a lovely year and full of inspirations. I have made my list too but I can't find it right now. Will post it later. Thanks who have posted so far :nice:

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Ok Jo,we woud wait for that list!



It was a good year,in december of 2005 I was thinking if the 2006 would be as great as 2005 and now I know it was even better.


January-It was full of events.The beginning of the year was not as difficult.


FEB.-Nothing really happened in that month,well I do not remember now.


March-I recieve the visit of some friends of mine.I realize of what a friends means.


April-A new job.This job gave the opportunity of bought a lof of stuffs,(Coldplay ticket included)


May-Not all in the life is good,My grandmother pass away,but I keep her memory with me and that keep me fighting for the thing I want.


June--I make a new friend!.She is from Canada.In the meanwhile I was promoved in my job.


July--The visit of a good friend that make me a surprise party.It was awesome.The best part of the year!


August--I do not remember what happen in this month.


September--More events and was promoved again in my job!


October--Again my memory can not remember what happen in this month


November--Concerts,concerts and more concerts.


December--The chance to go to see Coldplay and a good Xmas present.


Between the year I bought and found a lof of music,like Muse,Blur,Modest Mouse,Death Cab for Cutie,Depeche Mode,U2,Travis,Franz Ferdinand,etc.


And the good thing is that I am sure that the next year would be better

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