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On Coldplayzone, an exclusive interview to Debs!


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Coldplayzone.it has made an interview with Debs!

It's very funny!


Take a look!


(first the italian version, and then the english version)


English version:


Hi Debs! Thanks a lot for accepting this interview!

How long have you been working with Coldplay?

It's been 5 years now.


How is your relationship with the band?

It's very good!


How long is usually your working day? And how do you work?

This isn't my only job so it's not a regular 9-5. Each day is as short or as long as it needs to be. It's pretty flexible at times but I do try to average an 8 hour day.


Which is the most exciting Coldplay concert you've ever seen? Why?

Well…apart from the first one, as that was when knew I was witnessing something very special I'd have to say both headlining Glastonbury gigs were very exciting. Looking at a sea of people all there to see Coldplay was amazing!


The strangest thing you have done with Coldplay…

Hahaha, I can think of something that happened with a couple of the guys which was very funny, yet surreal but I'm not sure I should talk about it. Strange? Er, nothing strange really. There've been many things that are maybe strange to me but not for them. Flying in a small plane with the worst turbulence ever and I thought we could all possibly die, that was pretty strange!


Which is the most important Coldplay song to you?

Bigger Stronger holds such a special place in my heart and was the first song they gave me recorded so it has to be that.


Which the Coldplay songs you liked the most at first listening?

Bigger Stronger, What If and How You See The World.


Are Coldplay interested in their fansites?

They love their fans and are amazed at the support.


Does the band know our work?

I don't know if the band have chance to visit any websites and don't even look at their official one!


What do you think about Coldplayzone.it?

I don't speak Italian but it looks great!


Do you think Coldplayzone.it will can be one of the most important site about Coldplay?

For Italian fans I am sure it's an essential place to feel part of, but hopefully the band's official site (& MySpace) will be the most important!


Please, if you want to say some words to Coldplay italian fans, speak now!

I used a translator so forgive me if this is really bad. Ringraziamenti per il vostri supporto e lealtà. L'opinione della fascia hanno sempre i ventilatori migliori! (in reality, the sentence is: ‘Thanks for your support and loyalty. The band always say they have the best fans!)



What do u think?

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