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:!: well i would of put this a lot sooner but the site was down so here it goes :!:


i was up late one night and on mtv2 i saw the clocks video.....it's a performance video....i think the concert was in the uk.


it was good you can go here to see it if you wanna. http://www.mtv.com/bands/az/coldplay/audvid.jhtml

just go to live performances...the clocks video i saw on tv should be the :arrow: second choice.


also you can go there to see the europe music awards performance.



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who is Big Ben?


sounds like some kind of porno star


or are we talking about the clock here?





yeah they're talking about the clock....hehe they said maybe guy would dress up as Big Ben the next time he was in a video...... :shock: hicksy...we are not talking about a porn star 8) ...lmao.....that would be a good name but no thats not what we are talking about. :roll:

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What? Guy is a porn star called Big Ben??? :mrgreen:


*falls off the chair as well*


(just joking Ginger! No offense!)


i dont take offense to that....i think thats hilarious!!!!


...hmmm...if that was true... 8)

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