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How many of you are active, socially and politically?


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I know I'm not the only one. I oftentimes feel like I have an external locus of control when it comes to this world in general. I have tried in the past to be active. I gave some contact info to a youth movement on my school campus in the later part of '05. They continued to call me off and on to get me to get active until just recently at the end of '06 when they finally called and I told them I'm not interested. I feel guilty about that now.


I attended a few meetings for this youth movement here and there in the year of '06, but it was just too far away (about a 25-30 minute drive, one way) for me to attend on a regular basis and not high enough on my out of whack priorities.


There were a few other reasons, but that is a beside the point. I never really showed great interest in the movement nor did I just say I wasn't interested (this goes back to the external locus of control)---yet they kept calling me, off and on. That goes to show you something. They are desperate--and it really shows that I am not alone in people who are not taking an active approach politically and socially.


Granted, I live in the U.S. We have way too many distractions and my parents have never really encouraged me to be socially/politically active and there is quite frankly, an excessive amount of entertainment here in the U.S. (and I know this is not the only place) that people, myself included, pay way too much attention to. There is no reason we should care what celebrities are wearing, what they are doing at night OR those of you (like me) who are into sports/fantasy sports OR thsoe who spend half of their day on the computer doing various things such as going on a message board. I am saying I have had enough, and I am not going to be a hypocrite anymore, or play the role of a little ant who gets squished or watch others who get squished while I stay in my dinky sand dwelling.


For those of you who ARE active socially/politically, what drove you to do so, and what do exactly do you do? What is your source of news/information?


I often ask myself "How have we gotten to the point we are at now?" If we don't change our course of direction, people a generation from now will be wondering why WE didn't do anything NOW.


I can honestly say I feel good about making a donation to Oxfam right now, but that isn't really that big of a deal. It is a start though.


*Note* When I say socially, I mean active in social issues, such as abortion, gay marriage and the like.

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I am not socially ACTIVE per say, but I do research my stuff and take a side. And I took debate where a lot of my research skills were learned. Indeed, in high school I took debate...A group with my peers ...we debates took personal on the side tours and we would make public showings to move some issues. Little result, my town shows philanthropy and social activities though money and very, highly loose involvement. ( I live in a too wealth filled town that has it's own money wound issues consuming it. And could very well fight it if I wanted. But no, not active in any group.


But MAN I will rag on those people who always try and fill you up and talk you up till their bones are absolutely dry...but they never do a damn thing about what they say to hold so true to.


I always say: "Love can only be known by the actions it provokes"... and that goes for if you love a cause so dearly, then really do something about it other then rambling and babbling bout it.



Poster (who I can see has good intentions): people used to travel long distances of days and weeks sometimes... by foot, by car, by boat, horse, hitchhiking (don't recommend that too much now) to get to rallies, and social issue promotions and talks. Movements were just that, it got people MOVING to move their issues.


You can't ever say you have wanted something so badly, unless you are the live wire that gets to see things being changed by your actions.


To everyone who has a cause in mind: do it.



and check out all of the CCC threads, there...you will see some real action. ;)

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I'm not really active and it annoys me. I used to do go to go on trips with the democratic party (as usual they do shit as a government but encourage us to work against them, idiots) against racism and such. Then I used to attached to the Socialist Youth Movement of Germany. I don't really participate though. I went on camps with them and some of it was interesting and good but the people just greatly annoyed me. It was interesting to get to meet socialists from Sweden and France though.

And this big socialist meeting thing in London two (?) years back was really interesting. But depressing as well. Comercialized Socialism - fascinating!


In the end: I don't do anything.

Well I do volunteer work at Plan International translating stuff from English into German but I even think about stopping that because it takes so much time and I need to do my A-levels pretty soon.

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