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....had to go on a long trip yesterday... via public transport..... took my personal Cd with Coldplays' Montreal gig... thought I would play it quietly and dream..... well the volume was full belt b4 the opener Politik ended and by GPASUYF I was well singing so loud that all the old dears were giving me strange looks :shock:

Does anyone else suffer from this syndrome :o

Good God they make my heart sing ........ :D

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Guest LiquidSky
:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:


That doesn't happen to me... but it happens to my sister ALL the time!! I always laugh at her.. :lol:


Are you sure it was your sister and not you? :D

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I've remembered this thread today...

I was in the train going to my home and a guy who were listening his cd player has started to sing really loud, like possessed. It was a really stupid spanish song...

The girl who was in front and me were smiling because he seemed so mad...

Hey, suepsy, you're not the only one... :P

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