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its official!!! Becks to Real!!


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he is a shit player....ARGH!


"atomic bomb goes off in the usa, 7 million are killed...meanwhile David Beckham today showed off his new hair style. Rumours are scirculating that it's a statement to America, because they didnt know who he was......"


i mean when having a haircut gets you front page news you know the world is totally fucking stupid....


Beckham, beckham beckham..fucking hell

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Beckham is not a shit player! Beckham has talent and that why he's gotten so far in the soccer industry! I think its a bad idea to go to real, he's probably gonna lose alot of publicity. I can't believe they traded him for 55 million! :o

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he can cross a ball, i will admit to that..but that's about all he can do, along with take free kicks i spose.


he's nothing more than a publicity stunt, will create good revenue...that's it



i laughed at the whole posh and becks tour of the usa...


he plays a sport they dont like, and dont watch, so why would they know of an english soccer player, they dont know their own, and she used to "sing" in a band that have been split up for years...


and they're confused as to why they couldnt crack usa... :lol:

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