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I dont play this, its like Ice Hockey here, noone does, but I love to watch it and Im dying for play it. My teacher say its very dangerous and I know is quite popular in the USA and in the UK, does someone play it in here?

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boring????? I mean its really fun ( at least to watch it) For me is similar to hockey, and If hockey is great, this has to be better, but unfortunately I cant play it! :lol: We should change soccer for Lacrosse, soccer is kinda bored :lol:

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lacrosse is big in canada too!


it was also invented here:D


there??? I was sure that it was invented in the UK........... :lol: Do you play it?


no...I don't think they have girls leagues here...I would if they did


yup, lacrosse was invented here! the indians played it in like with hundreds of people on each team and the games would go on for days and the only rule was you weren't allowed to hit someone on the head with your stick! :)

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