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This board is slightly fucked


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Just a few questions for you all.....


There's been a fair few changes on the board since it's been back and this has been responsible for a few of the f*** ups.... but from 'NOW'.


1. If you create a thread does it do it ok?

2. If you post to a thread does it post ok?

3. If you log out of chat does it log you out ok (shutting the forum while still logged in may screw things up until timeout chucks you off... so log out of the forum and chat).

4. Do multiple postings to NEW threads... ie those created in tha last few days look ok.


5 Just how many old threads are screwed... there's a 'prune' option to remove a lot of old stuff... i can do that or try and reload the old data....


Leave a post here or preferable pm tifosi and I'll look at the threads... if theres only a couple of dozen or so I'll 'clean' the data up...


... Good job I'm only being paid in beer. Ian would be broke, but I'm turning into an Alkie!! :)

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1) Yes

2) Not always

3) Probably old cookies from the previous board doing this – clearing temp files and cookies and start new cookies with the new layout board will sort this.

4) No – some new postings don’t show up - the last poster name is different than the thread’s last post.

5) I’ve deleted 3 pages of the general forum, but there are knackered threads through every forum. Have a look at a few random ones to see what I mean.


There’s more than a “couple of dozen” ….

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I posted this on the other 'f***ed up' thread as well, but it disappeared smoke2.gif My problems is that despite the fact that I do mark my PMs to be saved, they delete themselves and I'm losing vital infos bluescreen.gif


Could it be fixed? Please, please, pretty pleeeeease??

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