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my friends are the biggest goddamn idiots in the world (II)


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I'm sorry Tom for nicking your title but I couldn't express myself any better than you did.


I'm so pissed off at my friends right now!!! Today was one of the most important days in my life and they knew for ages it was going to be a pretty rough day for me.

I've been crying all day and been down since morning and they know it... but they now all have a go at me for being in a bad mood and not talking to them normally! :x C'mon, that pisses me off like mad. I expected them to understand me the best, I told them what a day I'd had but the idiots don't give a damn, apparently. I came online a few minutes ago after being offline all day, and my friend asked me why just now. Told her I was too depressed to talk to anyone, so the git replies, "okay... so keep being too depressed to talk".




I fucking hate this day.

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i know how you feel! i was supposed to go somewhere with my friend and i really didn't want to go and i was feeling all sad and everything and then she got all mad at me and then she started to bribe me and said that she was going to buy something that we were going to share and not give me any of it just to piss me off. wow that was a run-on sentance :P then i said that i didn't care and then she even madderand ! is madder even a word? :-o but we are over that matter and are friends again.

anyways i'm getting off topic. hope you feel better don't cry!

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people suck sometimes! or most of the time, whatever, anyways! i guess some people think when someone is sad theyre being kinda selfish and just want attention, sometimes thats true and sometimes its not (at least with me anyways). i hope you feel better and forgive your friends for being a-holes.

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Thanks... but I think it officially marked the end of our friendship. She just posted a long thread in her blog going on saying what a bitch I was and how she wishes I was dead. :roll: :x


Dog eat dog, aye. I just don't trust anyone thesedays.


Thanks everyone though, you really cheered me up :D

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