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Strictly Coldplay!!


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i know eventually most threads turn into general conversations about random things, but lets try to keep this one about coldplay :)


sometimes i can't express how much this band and their lyrics appeal to me.... the lyrics are filled with so much emotion

Seeing them play a pre-recorded live gig 2nite on TV reminded me of when i saw them live last year.. i sit there singing along and my family get annoyed because the volume is FULL blast. all they can hear is "noooothing else compaaaaaaaaares...." being sung really badly by moi. lol :lol:


Each song tells a story and it's like Chris is singing about aspects of my life or something sometimes!! its GREAT and i could write all night about how much i love these guys but it wouldnt express it half as much as i mean it :shrug: :D woo

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hahaha thats right

crazy chris :?


i think he just embaressed himself by saying that though :lol:

if you had to get coldplay to sing one song just for you what would it be?

i think i'd get them to sing A Rush Of Blood to The Head.. :D

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i was thinking about the Q i asked after i posted and i actually dont think i could pick just one :D


i would have to tie chris up and make him sing all coldplay songs :twisted: :shock:







:lol: jk *is not a psycho*

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ive watched that MTV2 fing like 1million times! its crazee cos evrytime it cums on, i watch it and my parents get pissed off with me! :D But i cant get enough of their gorgeous muzic! and chris's sezzy voice.

(Even tho im totally loyal to Guy :lol: )

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