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Official NHL Thread 2007-2008 Season


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The Canucks are off to a good start. All the Canadian teams are doing descent except for the Oil and Leafs.


How about that Pascal LeClaire on the Blue Jackets.....6 shutouts already!

He used to play here in Halifax so another ex-moosehead doing great in the NHL.

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Yeah, I know. Didn't expect LeClaire to have 6 shutouts already. That's insane! I feel bad for the Oilers though even though I dislike them. Lots of injuries for the team.


I'll be going to the 'Nucks game tonight. It's going to be great! We see the return of Bertuzzi for the first time so that will be pretty cool. Wonder how all the fans will react to him.


Boo or cheer?

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Isles' Martinek accuses Hollweg of trying to rip stitches from face


NEW YORK - Islanders defenceman Radek Martinek accused Rangers tough guy Ryan Hollweg of trying to rip the stitches out a fresh gash on the left side of his face Thursday night.

The non-threatening Martinek received 15 stitches Wednesday night after being cut by a skate blade during the Islanders' 3-2 shootout win over Ottawa.

"Give Martinek credit, playing after an injury like that," Islanders coach Ted Nolan said. "In this game, you have to have some respect. When a guy like Hollweg tries to scratch an open cut on someone's face, that's not professional. It's not a classy thing to do."

Hollweg denied threatening Martinek or trying to grab the stitches during the Rangers' 4-2 victory over the Islanders.

Martinek was back in the lineup Thursday and joined a first-period scrum near the benches that featured the hardest hitters on both teams - Brendan Witt and Chris Simon of the Islanders, who were scuffling with Colton Orr of the Rangers.

As players from both teams entered the fray, Martinek said Hollweg threatened him and then reached for his face.

"He said he is going to take my stitches out. I think that was stupid," said Martinek, a five-foot-11, 200-pound defenceman.

Martinek added that no damage was done, but said he had never seen a player act in such a way.

"No, no. Never, never," he said. "I think he could show a little bit of respect, but he didn't. I cannot respect him."

Hollweg contended that he was merely defending Orr, a 6-3, 222-pound forward, who has five career points and 239 penalty minutes in 114 NHL games. Simon and Witt had already double-teamed Orr before Martinek got near.

"There's three guys all over Orrsie and he goes in there," Hollweg said. "I was just clearly protecting my teammate. I might have face-washed him, but I wasn't attempting to pull his stitches out by any means.

"I was just trying to clear guys out. I am not going to let them have a fourth guy go in there."

Orr was given a four-minute penalty for roughing with 2:41 left in the first period, and Witt took a single minor. Simon and Hollweg weren't penalized.

Last season, Simon received a 25-game suspension for a two-handed stick-swinging attack to the face of Hollweg, who wasn't seriously injured.





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That is just stupid...but not surprising. The dirty tricks just get worse year after year. If there isn't a major crackdown soon, somebody's going to get killed.


Wow! Ottawa has a longer losing streak than Toronto! I'm not surprised they Lost to Montreal. I'm surprised they showed up,lol. I wonder if the rumor about axing Ferguson proved to be true.

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I'm surprised with the suspension they gave Scott Hartnell. Two games is definitely not enough for a hit like that. He had enough time to stop and go a different direction rather than hitting the player who was in a vulnerable position.


The NHL is looking for trouble if they don't eliminate the dirty plays.


Oh and thanks Briggins for the picture :nice:

Yay, they won again last night! :D

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Sorry to interrupt...*clears throat*


:D:D:D (THat's not something I get to say much this year, so I'm enjoying it while I can.)


Woah! a great game...a bit scary at the end.


Now Montreal's in a shoot-out...crap! Nashville just scored!!


EDIT: And won. Crap Better luck next time, boys...well, as long as you're not playing the


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Boston Bruins acquire Alex Auld in trade from Phoenix Coyotes


BOSTON - Alex Auld is joining his third NHL franchise in just over a year.

The Bruins acquired the 26-year-old goaltender from the Phoenix Coyotes on Thursday in exchange for minor-league forward Nate DiCasmirro and a fifth-round draft pick in 2009.

Auld signed with Phoenix as a free agent in the off-season and appeared in nine games, posting a record of 3-6-0.

He had most recently been playing for San Antonio of the American Hockey League after the Coyotes picked up Ilya Bryzgalov on waivers.

The Bruins were in desperate need of some goaltending depth.

Tim Thomas suffered a lower-body injury during an overtime loss in New Jersey on Tuesday night, making him the third Boston goaltender to go out with injury. Manny Fernandez is still recovering from back and knee troubles while AHL starter Jordan Sigalet remains sidelined indefinitely after collapsing during a game on Nov. 16.

That leaves Auld and rookie Tuukka Rask as the only healthy goalies in the Bruins system that have any NHL experience.

DiCasmirro is a career minor-leaguer that has played more than 350 AHL games. The 29-year-old from Aitkokan, Ont., had two goals and five points in 20 games with Providence this season.

Auld's career has taken a turn since he was dealt to Florida from Vancouver as part of the Todd Bertuzzi trade in June 2006. He was 7-13-5 in his one season with the Panthers before signing in Phoenix.

In 117 career games, he has a record of 49-50-11 and two ties.








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lol. Crosby is good to his fans though, in all fairness. Instead of getting right on the bus in Vancouver, he stopped to sign autographs and talk to his fans. I appreciate that.


As for the Leafs, what the hell is going on? We're playing like a friggin' team again!! There's hope.:D


And yes, that Vancouver game was intense. I love western conference hockey, esp. during the playoffs. The fans are so aloud and enthusiastic. It's always enjoyable to watch.:)

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When I saw Crosby here at GM Place, he acted like the most obnoxious person ever.

I was standing in the back when he walked by and a bunch of workers were like "Hey Sid" or whatever and he just ignored every one of them.

He seemed like a jerk when I saw him...

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