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Hello Grade 3; Its a LEGO building contest!


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We have an active thread going about LEGO, and we also recently had a thread about a contest bumped by Lore...even though the contest was from years ago.


So I present to you the first ever:


LEGO Building Contest!


So here are some basic rules:

-You and you alone must build the creation

-You must prove that you made it, I'm thinking perhaps put a little piece of paper in front of it with coldplaying dot com written on it

-You have up until January 3rd to send a picture of your creation to me

-There will be a poll to decide the winner. Lets keep it democratic


Creations will be judged on:



Cool factor


So get building!



To be determined

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First it was Belgium, now I'm being stalked by lego! :stunned:


Opened up the paper today and this was one of the main articles:


They still love to play

LEGO-addicted adults tinker for fun, show





Adult LEGO enthusiasts, from left, Sam Cohen of Moncton, Lawrence Livesey, Tatamagouche, and Ken Partridge and Owen Grace, both of Halifax sit beside a Lego display featuring trains, cranes and several large buildings at a recent show at Dartmouth Sportsplex. The members of NovaLUG, the Nova Scotia Lego Users Group, will present their holiday display at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic beginning Dec. 11. (PETER PARSONS / Staff) http://www.thechronicleherald.ca/Living/994520.html

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