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Briggins presents his top 25 albums of 2007 in hopes of influencing your vote


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Its that time again. Countless blogs and websites will be doing their top albums of 2007, and being the blogger I am, I have started my countdown today.


Reasons I do this:

1.) I like having a list for myself to look back on

2.) Its fun to write little album blurbs

3.) You get to introduce new music to people

4.) Hopefully you can get people to put Young Galaxy on their Coldplaying lists


Discussion and questioning my sanity is always welcome.


Albums 25-21


albums 19-12



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plaskett.jpg21. Joel Plaskett - Ashtray Rock

This is one of the few albums that I haven't listened to at least 10 times which are on this list. But what I've heard I have loved. Fashionable People is about as catchy a tune as you can get. Snowed In/Cruisin' for a is one of my favourite songs of the year. And I must say its pretty cool to know a bunch of songs were written when he lived in Clayton Park. This album is a story about the early days with Thrush Hermit.

Favourites: Fashionable People, Snowed In/Crusin'


1187804945.jpeg.jpg22. Foo Fighters - Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace

When I first heard this album I was really excited. But as time wore on I just had to let it die as it only really has a few standout tracks. Its just more of the same from the Foos. I'm glad they just did a single disc instead of a double album like last time with In Your Honor.

Favourites: Let It Die, Come Alive


Of+Montreal+-+Hissing+Fauna_cover.jpg23. Of Montreal - Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer?

I honestly can not associate any song names to their songs because they are so weird/creative and long. The album is concept album about the frontman's transformation from Kevin Barnes to Georgia Fruit. They have an interesting and original sound, so if you feel like listening to something different check out this album.

Favourites:The Past Is A Grotesque Animal, Suffer For Fashion


PTFearOf.jpg24. Porcupine Tree - Fear of A Blank Planet

Another concept album with tracks that are mostly 7 minutes or longer (including the 17 minute long Anesthesize). Now this ranking may have been different if I started listening to the ablum earlier in the year, but I only heard it for the first time last week. So far I like.

Favourites:Fear of a Blank Planet




arton456.jpg25. Kaiser Chiefs - Yours Truly, Angry Mob

Ruby is a catchy songs. Thats about it.


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You also took your blog link out of your sig so I can't find it any more... :uhoh:






p.s.... Wintersleep!!!


Yeah I'll have to add that.


Man I haven't listened to the Wintersleep album yet so I didn't rank it. :\ I'm probably going to ask for it for Christmas.

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Man I haven't listened to the Wintersleep album yet so I didn't rank it. :\ I'm probably going to ask for it for Christmas.


I have to be in just the right mood for it, but it's so great... totally deserves to be on the list imho.


Of Montreal is really growing on me.


I really wish they weren't such an ADD trigger... everyone says such great things about them, but I can't sit still through a single song for some reason. :(

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20. AIR - Pocket

I haven't listened to this album for quite a while, but thats just because I deleted it off my computer and I never bought it since it costs a lot of money around here. The album is great ambient/electronic background music that I like when I just want to relax or have on while I'm writing a paper or working on an assignment. The French duo brought in special guests Joe Cocker and Neil Hannon which added a nice touch to the album. Perhaps I have a little bit of a weakness for it since it was produced by Radiohead's producer Nigel Godrich. I think I'm going to have to listen to this album a few more times, its great.


Favourites: Once Upon A Time, Napalm Love, One Hell of a Party

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