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Apostle of Hustle <- another cool band you should check out


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Here I am once again promoting another one of my favourite artists in the hopes that people will like them and add them to their list of top albums for 2007, because this is definitely one of my favourites.


I present to you Apostle of Hustle, and their most recent album National Anthem of Nowhere.

This band is led by Andrew Whiteman, the guitarist of Broken Social Scene.

So once again if you like Broken Social Scene you are bound to like Apostle of Hustle. But unlike Kevin Drew's latest album, this does not just sound like a Broken Social Scene side project as it has a Cuban undertone throughout, and many of the songs feature Spanish lyrics.


If I were you I would listen to these songs:

National Anthem of Nowhere

Cheap Like Sebastian

Naked & Alone

Chances Are


Pitchfork review here



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