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New song?!?!?!?!


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Hey Chrissy, can you remember any of the words? That may help. They have a few new songs they are singing in concert now. I would also like to know if they are playing something we havent heard before!!


Hey, does anyone know if Poor me is a new or old song? I love it!

i really cant, i was to involved in looking at chris :lol:

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could have been that. it probably was if he played it right after the scientist. or it might have been lips like sugar. :shrug:

was it more like their new stuff. more rockier?

rockier :roll: is that even a word?

it wasnt' lips like sugar or what a wonderfull world. but they played those to though :shrug:


it was one i've NEVER heard before, and he didnt say the name of the song - damn him!

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