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The Mad Hatter

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ah damn you stole my idea...but I was jsut to lazy to create a thread...:mean:



ah no wait you didn't steal "my" idea...


Yeah, i was going to do this well. But emily will get all the credit. and we will get none:(


congrats on this great achievement:rolleyes::P

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I clearly remember my 3 735 post.


I was wearing my favourite pair of plaid pajama bottoms. I had a bowl of ice cream in my left hand. I got a good mark on a test that day, a Math test to be exact.




What flavour ice cream? :wink3:

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Oh now i got it. do you mean my posts are rubbish?? :thinking::thinking:



no , i just meant that you post averagely 27.97 posts per day. And that's a lot.

And if you keep posting over 20 posts/day you'll have hell of a lot of posts in the end of the year.

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Psh, it's just cause I decided to have a 5,000 post party. I'm like the Kate Moss of Coldplaying and you're all just teenyboppers in skinny jeans :rolleyes:




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post but dont write anything..........


and then count how many posts do you have .


You can't do that, you have to write something.


Some of us can go on and on about nothing for long periods of time you'll discover.

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