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The best Canadian music acts


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Avril Lavigne is AMAZING!!!!! hahahahah don't worry, I'm joking. She is horrible live.


Yes, OUr Lady Peace is amazing live. I saw their live special on TV last night, and THEY WERE REALLY GOOD. The new guitarist Steve Mazur is good!

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*squints* I'm trying to think of all the Canadian acts I've seen. Hmmm...



Sam Roberts

Wide Mouth Mason

Matt Good Band


Edwin :oops:

Nickelback (I must admit they put on one helluva show in Edmonton )

Chantal Kreviazuk


How could I forget the Barenaked Ladies? They are freakin' hilarious!



I might see Sloan, Chantal and David Usher during Klondike Days this month but I don't know yet. :shrug:

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This is turning into a BNL lovin' thread. I like it! I met them while they were in Edmonton. They're so lovely! :D


I also love Call and Answer, and Thanks That Was Fun. They always make me shed a tear. Other favorites include Brian Wilson and What a Good Boy. I remember I was obsessed with Shoebox when I was in grade 7 or 8. Those were good times. :)

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Oh yes and I'd like to add that I hate The Tea Party more than any other band in existence. I kid you not, everytime they come on the radio I have to change the station. I'd rather listen to shitty pop music or shitty rap music than them :shock:

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