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Erasmus exchange


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I am very excited for you Iris... good luck.

My friends from Aberdeen, did say though you would be better of trying somewhere else...


However in saying that, as regards of your question about places to stay. They will be the best people to ask...............


Yes take some warm and waterproof clothes...!


When do u go ??

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ah, I had no idea that Ryanair flied to Glasgow (direct flight)! I'll check it out on their website! I could go there and afterwards go by train to Aberdeen. Yea, we should meet!! I'm sure that once I'm in Aberdeen I'll took some trips to visit other interesting places over there.



cheers Daryl :nice: I'll bring them with me! I'll send you a pm explaining you why Aberdeen, how it went...


I'm going there on September til January of next year. I've got the intention of finishing my degree there.

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You will come back with a Scottish Accent when you speak english Iris... !


I met a catlan girl once who spent a few months in Northern England... when she spoke english she spoke with a northern accent... it atucally sounded quite sexy... as her normal accent was mixed with it...


More power to you......!

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thankyou! :lol:



haha, well, I suppose you aren't the one who should say that because I'm not sure to what extent you realise of how your accent has been changing these past months, since it is changing gradually (and slowly, I guess).

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