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What next (aka I'm naughty and unoriginal and steal ideas from people)


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I didn't steal anything! Honest!


Anyway. I needs moar music.


I had a listen to Breaking Benjamin, well that was a bum, only three songs I liked out of three or so albums. So what next? I has for consideration at the moment...






(well I've heard three of theirs, Sunday Bloody Sunday, Vertigo and Beautiful Day of which I like so if you can make some album suggestions from that XD)




Of course that's a rather short list and there are probably a million other talents I haven't heard of which is why you suggest. Anyways post away~

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Gotta agree with these two above, U218 or All you can't leave behind (lots of big pop songs)


Starting with the best of to see all the different styles then find out which era of U2 you like the best and pick up albums from that era. U2's albums are well worthy buying even if you have a best of.


In Rainbows, Ok Computer/The Bends are your first call for Radiohead (the latter are the most intresting)


And Muse absolutely, everyone here likes Muse, pick up Absolution if you like heavy rock, or Black holes and revolations if your a poppy person. (im genralising ofc but its the best way)


Other recommendations are hard until we know what you like...

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I'd start with ok Computer before In rainbows, but In rainbows is still a great start.


I recommended REM on Justinn's thread, and I'll recommend them here. Also, check out The Fray...it sounds from your taste like you might like them.


And then there's The Porcupine Tree...British Progressive Rock...great stuff...start with In Absentia, even though it's a later album. It's a good indication of their sound. If you wanted to like Breaking Benjamin, but didn't, you'll prolly like these guys.

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