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Prefab Sprout

Black Rose

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Oh yeah, it's another thread about an old band, who are sadly no longer with us, which is a shame as they made some fantastic pop albums of the late 1980s/early 1990s.


They were an Irish band, of which their best known song was "The King of Rock 'N' Roll" and best known album was Steve McQueen/Two Wheels Good which got re-released last year.


So has anybody else ever heard of the Sprout?

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That's just creepy!! I hadn't thought of this band in years, and a friend and I were having the 'whatevber happened to...' conversation earlier and their name came up. They were great while they lasted!:) I have to admit I barely remember them though.

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I quite like Prefab Sprout. Got into them through Mew believe it or not who are huge fans. I actually asked you Dave for the Steve McQueen album last year which I was very thankful. I haven't heard their stuff in a long time though, in fact, I've completely gone walkabout with a lot of my music sadly, heck I rarely come here that often lol.


Steve McQueen - great album :thumbsup:

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Oh cool!!!


I listen to "Andromeda Heights" a lot at work!!



We were songbirds, we were Greek Gods

We were singled out by fate

We were quoted out of context - it was great.

Grander than Castles, Cathedrals or stars

Electric Guitars !


Only know this album though, my boss brought it :)

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