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i'm feeling excited


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tomorrow i'm meeting up with a uni friend of mine




this means that i am happy


also something amazing happens on wednesday and it's nothing to do with the third episode of the apprentice


how are my coldplaying friends?


this not include rick8 due to his offensive email pm thing to me


which made me extremely angry because he's the one who's always rude to me in the first place




i'm happy, also


atease is down

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If I'm not mistaken, someone has a birthday today!! Happy B-Day, FE!!:D:D:D


International Noise Awareness Day?? You have to be kidding! I'm only posting on here because my neighbour woke me up with his screaming and yelling. Happy International Ron Ramsay Day everybody!:P

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it's MY birthday




manchester was good yesterday by the way



I am so glad you liked Manchester....... :)



"You have a northen accent, doctor ?

Yes alll planets have a North you know....!!..

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