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Recording online radio with Audacity...


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I can try to walk you through it Tracie, but I'll also need some feedback along the way... thats because every computer will show slightly different options.


1. First, go to 'Edit' on the menu bar at the top, then click of 'Preferences' at the bottom of the list.

2. A new window should pop up. There are several tabs along the top - make sure you have the 'Audio I/O' tab selected.

3. This is where I need your help. Under where it says 'Recording' on that page, there will be a pop down list to the right of the word 'Devices'. Can you list what options it gives you?

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Try selecting the Intel Integrated option. Then close the window, play a song in Media player or iTunes or whatever, and hit record. If nothing seems to be happening, try the microsoft sound mapper option. If THAT doesn't work, try Fixed's method that he just posted in the Coldplay section (although that doesnt seem to work for me, I cant click the drop down menu). Let me know how it goes!

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