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Best U2 Album?


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ooooooooooooooooooh it's equal b/n achtung baby and best of...


i have the best of '80 - '90 and all that you can't leave behind, but i have to say the Best of album is one of my all time favourite albums...it's got soooo much emotion in the lyrics and Bono's vocals..mmm


i might go and listen to it now :)

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right now they are working with the producer the Beatles used and are working with him in the studio on a new record. It's going to be more of a guitar cd Bono said. It should be released at the end of the year U2's manager said.

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hey no problem! haha. Yea, Bono was saying though that this might be their last tour coming up :sad:


no, I haven't had the luck to get tickets to see them live. I got their live DVD "Live In Boston", and they put on spectacular show!

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