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Greatest Hits from the 90's - Love/Ballads - Need recommendations


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i don't know if you share the same felling as I do but, don't you fell something different when listening to old hits? I mean, old memories, good old times with friends, trips that were made, well anything that takes you back to your younger days :)


I am not that old, i was born in 1986 but... i don't know... the newer songs seems so unnatural?


Well, i created this topic so that you (older guys) :P could post here more examples of songs from those times...


Roxette - Spending My Time

Goo Goo Dolls - Iris

Live - Overcome


More to come :)

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love cranberries :smug:




imo, the music of this decade also is good; i am not agree with people think that the old things is better.


but good bands overall :)


Well, what i said is that, personally, i think this decade is a bit worse than the previous one :). Of course not everything is bad, but people like more rap and artists like britney and so on. Its just nonsense :/

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but m8, each generation have own point.


like the 90's have some worst rock/pop bands imo...in this decade for example "artists" like britney, mariah carrey, justin, etc... have millions albums sold (ok this unsense) but people like him, as other milions like coldplay, muse, radiohead, mettalica, etc...


i think in someway youre right, but no way old times are better ;)

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