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Monster's Ball

Sweet One

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Billy Bob Thornton's great as ever' date=' Halle Berry's performance is good too. It's a good film, but I was a bit disappointed when I saw it and I can't really explain why. Definitely worth watching though, especially seeing as Heath Ledger's in it too 8)[/quote']


i agree 8) but i think the ending is rubbish. i say think, because i remember thinking that the ending was rubbish when i'd seen it, but now i can't remember what the ending actually was. :roll: :shock:

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I saw it a few months ago. It was good, but it made me a bit depressed.


No nearly enough Heath in it either. :) I'd say worth renting though.

i told my mom to rent it for me so i can watch it when i go home....but that wont be till the 19th.
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