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21-Jul-08: Sacramento - CANCELLED

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Welcome to the thread for the above show which can be used for all discussion prior to, during and after the show.


One thread one show - should hopefully keep everyone organised and up-to-date with Coldplay on the road.


Did you get tickets?

Are you looking for tickets?

Are you looking for ticket swaps?

Need help/directions on getting to the show?

Not sure what the arrangements and rules are for the particular venue is?

Are you just bloody excited?

Do you have a review for the show?

Did you take any pictures... share them here!

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Sacramento - Arco Arena Date Not Available?


Ticketmaster has removed it.. and its also not listed on Coldplay's site either. It skips right over Sacramento and goes on to Oakland now :/ Anybody know anything about this? Presale was meant to be next week. I know they mentioned tour dates getting mucked up with stage production complications.


Maybe their balls aren't magic after all *grin*



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