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advice please!!!!!!


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okay lemme explain. My sister, let's call her marie, was working at a local movie theatre with her good friend, and childhood neighbor, let's call him christopher. They worked together for quite a long time, an my sister tells me now that he was starting to kindve flirt with her. Now my sister isn't the kind of girl who flirts back, so she kindve brushed him off. Now this was a year ago.



My sister is really regretting never doing anything about it, and she's really upset since she would do something now if she had the chance, but again, that was a year ago and she never ever sees him anymore!!!!!




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Not sure how old your sis is, but she should check in on him to see how he's doing (assuming you can find him again). If she doesn't want to ask him directly just go through one of his friends and have them tell him to reconsider her.


Girls make everything too complex!

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If it was a year ago, maybe he's forgotten about it, or maybe she's imagined it to be more than it was. Things always get better over time.

But yeah, Saffire is right, try and track him down!! The worst that could happen is he says no...

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