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Britain in 2008: 7 year old girl dies of starvation?


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An MP has called for an inquiry into council monitoring of a seven-year-old girl who may have starved to death.


Khyra died in hospital on Saturday and police are investigating the theory she died because of starvation.


Claims that the youngster had been removed from school by her mother 10 weeks ago.


Home Secretary Jacqui Smith, in Birmingham on Thursday, said she was shocked by the case and supported Mr Mahmood's inquiry call.


"What I think is important is we, as the local MP has called for, look very carefully at the background of the case before coming to any immediate conclusions.


"But it's a tragedy and I feel desperately sorry for those who knew the young girl," she said.


Parents dropping children off at Grove School, Handsworth, where Khyra was a pupil, spoke of their shock at her death.


Renata Palczewska, 26, said: "The teacher, when she told me, was almost in tears. She was very upset. She knew the girl.


"The school gave us a letter but they couldn't give us much information.


"I can't believe this could happen. You would expect someone to notice."


"Police are conducting inquiries and a man aged 29 and a woman aged 33 have been charged with neglect and appeared before Birmingham magistrates on 19 May.


"They have been remanded to appear again on 28 May.


A Birmingham City Council spokesman said: "We are deeply saddened by the death of this child and our sympathies go to the child's family and friends at this difficult time.

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Gorden Brown really is useless, but I'm not sure that we can blame the government on this one. It sounds like extreme neglect from the parents.



I agree with you Zemy, this is can't be blamed on him. If anything, social workers/teachers/the family were in the wrong here and need to be seriously taken in line over this; surely the child was missing from school?

I just don't know; The UK is crumbling before our very eyes...

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