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Coldplay's Chris Martin to face his rival again


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He's a successful pop star now but Coldplay's Chris Martin hasn't always had things his own way.


Fourteen years ago the then unknown found himself second best... in the Yamaha Rock and Pop awards.


He was beaten to the gong by Rosabella Gregory, a graduate of the Royal College of Music. Rosabella said: "We didn't know each other well but you could tell Chris was really miffed at not winning."


She is set to release her debut album this summer - and will compete against Chris's upcoming fourth. Maybe revenge is a dish best served Coldplay?








Lesson 1: How to get free publicity to flog your music by Rosabelle Gregory


Mention someone you might have spoken to once 14 years ago and brag that you beat him in some music competition. :P


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Miffed??? Is that in the British vocabulary?
Haha, I think we only pretty much use it over here. Although I can't think of many people who say that these days :rolleyes:

Although I can think of plenty of words you guys have decided to pull out of thin air...:P


But this is obviously a cheap way of getting publicity. Publicity she should be gaining if/when she makes quality music that people will listen to. Until then, I can quite safely say that her music isn't worth noticing, seeing as she feels the need go about the wrong way of getting noticed.

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rosabella is actually pretty bloody good


i was annoyed at her 'publicity seeking' but checked her out. i think if you like clever lyrics and intelligent music, as most coldplay fans (like myself) do, then you will probably like her stuff.

if you read her witty blog you will see she is very tongue in cheek about the whole thing. (and possibly a bit embarassed).

looking at her myspace i don't think she needs cheap publicity. she seems to have alot of influential people on board and alot of talent.

(ironically i spotted her in the movie 'the goodnight' directed by chris martin's brother in law!!!)

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