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May I suggest something to everybody attending this years tour.


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I'm getting a shirt printed with




on it.


only costs about a fiver!

and that way we can meet up with people off the forum easily,

we could get our users on too, but that would be even lamer! :laugh3:


who's with me??




just me?


well that sucks.



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I'm definitely am like,


I think it guarantees me drinks all night from fellow coldplayers!


besides, I'm going to the gig by myself, as I'll be down southampton at uni, so nobody I know will be going all the way to london, I'm counting on the trusty people from here to meet me there lol

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I would really buy the shirt / but shipping is my problem - since I'm currently on Venezuela...


However, I think I would write with a Sharpie on my hand (just like Chris) "coldplaying.com, the_escapist"


And that way, hopefully, I will meet some of you guys!!!


I think I'm attending Strasbourg Zenith Gig on September 1!!!

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