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Euro 2008 Coldplaying Fantasy League


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Due to the official UEFA league being a dog and including the pre-tournament friendlies, I've plumped for the old faithful METRO fantasy Euro 2008 league - much better in my opinion ;)




League: ColdplayingDotCom Euro 2008

Password: coldplaying


You can now join the new Coldplaying Euro 2008 Fantasy Football League at http://eurofantasyfootball.metro.co.uk/league.aspx?page=league&id=5832 and create your own team.


Please ensure you have registered a team and joined the Coldplaying league by 6 June 2008 to start gaining points from the outset.

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haha I know I know. bad times, but I do have another new one, again, of him doing his think thing.


that's just AWESOME :D


I have the old rowdy one saved if I don't setlle into this one well :P


Cool - - for a second there I was all like, "Rowdy, NNOOOOO!"


"Don't listen to him, he's drunk on cheese!"


Aw man, JD always cracks me up:lol:

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lol, good point, I'm a saints fan aswell, not as much as arsenal, but those are my two teams. - I'm going to southampton uni in september.


but none of that changes that you are GOING DOWN in the coldplaying euro league :whip: :wink:

Next time I'm in town for a match I'll buy you a pint.


I was 20 points out front when I wasn't even home or watching any matches for a week. Now that I'm actually watching my team, you all have no chance. evillaugh.gif

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so lets seeeee who won

1. I forgive Jonny for Spurs 180


3. Betleys Bandits 101

4. Jens Jokers 85



Looks like it was ME :dance:


Poor Jen, I'm sure Ian is going to bang on about this all year.

haha! I auto-selected my team and didn't change it at all. And I BEAT JENJIE FOR THE SECOND EURO CHAMPIONSHIP IN A ROW :P :P :dance: :D :laugh3:


Still waiting for my first premiership fantasy win though :dozey:

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Uhm.. to much scummers love in here.



Play up Pompey!





incidently, i'm a newcastle fan from newcastle, but all of my family live in the isle of wight and support portsmouth so it's my second team.

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