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I just wanted to introduce myself. My name's Imke, I'm a 22-year-old student and I'm German. :)

After reading here for some time I thought it was finally time to register and participate. :rolleyes:

I'm a big Coldplay fan (obviously, why else would I be here?) but I'm actually pretty new to this "addiction". It started in 2005. At the beginning of the year I bought AROBTTH, actually just to listen to Clocks and In my place (Yeah, I know ... shame on me). I really didn't notice the other songs for quite some time. Then I finished school and fell into a "black whole". I started to hear Clocks over and over again, it gave me a lot of strength and then I finally realized how amazing the other album tracks really are. It was impossible not to listen to Coldplay and pretty soon I bought X&Y and Parachutes as well. Clocks is still my favourite, because it means so much to me.


Well, I hope that wasn't too much babbling for you. :smug: :)

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Welcome to the board. I hope you enjoy it here. There's load of people having the same addictions...


and then there's this... well lets just say other set of people with this... interesting addiction.


anyhoo, welcome! Have a fun time!

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Thanks for the nice welcome. :wink3:


You know, I've been reading here for some time so I think I know the "other" set of people. :laugh3: I'm still trying to resist the dark side though ...

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Hey Emki!! Welcome!!


Yeah one of my fav songs is Clocks too... when the song was being played on the radio and Tv so many things happened to me, so everytime I listen to it, I feel like I'm reliving those moments...


Hope to chat with you some time..



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Hi Ekme, I love the pic you chose of a butterfly! I love moths and butterflies. The moth in my pic is one that landed on my door here in the USA. I was able to get really close to it and took several pics. I really like Clocks too. Even though its popular and sometimes gets a bad rap for being so. A lot of folks said Coldplay was a one hit wonder when Yellow made it so big. Clocks prooved the world WRONG!


Welcome, Jeff...aka mountainloafers

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