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Search for food leads to lunch with Coldplay's Chris Martin


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Hey guys, i'm new to the board and a first time poster so im not sure if this has been posted but it has great CM pics!






Because of the still-smoldering fires on the Universal Studios lot, most — and by most, I mean all — of the restaurants surrounding the Gibson Amphitheatre are closed. Well, closed except for the 30 minutes when they were all open, which is when I managed to score some sushi, which is also when Chris Martin enters into this.


See, while I was crushing some California rolls, the restaurant decided to shut off food service again. Minutes later, I see a rather tall fellow in aviator shades waving frantically at me from across the promenade. (That sentence reads particularly Victorian for whatever reason.) Startled, I realize it’s none other than Coldplay frontman Chris Martin, whom I chatted with yesterday during rehearsals.


Turns out, he was starving, and was having no luck finding an open restaurant. Dazed, he saw me and wandered over.


“Can I please have some of your beans?” he pleaded, pointing at my edamame (the photo above captures him mid-plea).


Of course, I gave him some, while my lunch buddies — not to mention a gathering throng of gawkers — looked on in awe.


Sated, he thanked me and wandered back into the backstage area. And I wrote this blog entry about how I had a sushi lunch with Chris Martin.


Source: http://moviesblog.mtv.com/2008/06/01/search-for-food-leads-to-lunch-with-coldplays-chris-martin/

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edamame? I did not know they were so popular! Glad you could keep him from starving!!:) Why do people get so out-of-sorts around celebrities anyways?? I mean, we're all just people, right? Glad you haven't a problem with that - and I'm sure Chris appreciated your friendliness - it's gotta be a little straining after awhile, not being able to just blend in an act normal..;)

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did he get mad when you took pictures of him


I assume she asked first. That's what you should always do in that situation. Be polite and treat Chris as you would any other person you meet.;)

That way maybe celebs wouldn't be so nervous around fans.


Anyway, that would be the best way to meet Chris or the others - completely by chance.


However, in that situation surely you could have had your photo taken with him? Why didn't that happen?

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that is SO AWESOME!:o I would die if that happened to me. i wonder how wierd that would be for Chris Martin. he just sees some person and asks for there beans, then suddenly that person looks straight into his eyes and falls over, dead. that would be wierd, but hilarious.

HE IS SO HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!~

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