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Wogan blames racism for UK Eurovision fiasco


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Racism blamed for Eurovision loss


9:53am Monday 2nd June 2008

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Veteran presenter Terry Wogan has blamed racism in eastern Europe for Britain's poor showing during last week's Eurovision Song Contest.



In his column for the Sunday Telegraph, the broadcaster described British singer Andy Abraham's skin colour as the "elephant in the room", adding that east of the Danube they "they won't be voting for a black singer any day soon".

It is the latest attack on the annual singing contest, which has been ridiculed for its politicised voting system as well as its celebration of cheesy pop.

UK entrant Andy Abraham, 43, received just 14 points from European voters, placing him joint last.

None of the 22 Eastern European countries involved in the competition awarded a single vote to the British singer.

In his regular column, Wogan wrote: "Certainly, our lack of close border ties with other countries hasn't helped our cause, and our millions of expats in Spain and France don't seem inclined to help, but the 'elephant in the room' was our singer, Andy Abraham's, colour."

He added: "East of the Danube, they won't be voting for a black singer any day soon."

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