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BUY IT, PEOPLE!!!!!!!!


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already preordered....going to the store that night to pick it up also....so thats at least 2 purchases.

usually i wear the first CD out in a month or so .



I think i bought 3 Live 2003 because i kept loosing the DVD.

I know for a fact that i got at least 2 copies of parachutes

and 3 AROBTTH. Only got 1 of X&Y though....hmm

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I'll buy it.. and I'm a musician too.. but it's more because they have worked hard on this album and some people are working hard with them, and a hard work deserves a salary..


Yeah, exactly. And like someone else already said, other people make the money from sales too.

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i dont think coldplay really have to worry about sales. they are already incredibly rich, and VLV has been on top of the amazon album sales for about a week now (three weeks before its release).

i ordered mine a while ago anyways.

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