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hello, im new and absolutely lost. :)


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the unavoidable private messages!


it was a lucky click that got me here, but thanks.:)

how do i know when i get messages and such?


If you get a message, where it says "Welcome mmuro" in the upper right-hand corner of the Coldplaying.com Messageboard tool bar, it will flash incessantly in large bold red letters, "New Private Message", as well as place a box in the middle of the screen informing you of the new private message, and then will pop up a query asking if you want to open the private message in a new window. So basically, you cannot avoid them!:laugh3: Just click on it. Here, I'll send you one to illustrate..;)


im maribel by the way.

Hi Maribel. :)
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at the top there is a tab bar and you can access the 'edit options' under the 'quick links' tab. just fiddle around with that and you'll be fine :) if you can't navitgate your way around here (something i found a little overwhelming when i first registered) use the 'forum jump' at the bottom right of this page - very handy tool that helps put the site in perspective :D welcome by the way!

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