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Hi from Sacramento, CA


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Greetings... I've been visitng coldplaying.com for a couple years now, but just got to making posts. My wife and I are huge Coldplay fans. We saw them for the first time on Feb 4, 2006 at The Forum in Los Angeles. Had such an amazing night that we bought seats on eBay for the show at the Anaheim Pond on Feb 6. The only bigger fan in our house is our 4-year-old son. This kid is a fanatic, he knows some lyrics better than I do; memorized VH and VLV within a week. His preschool teachers told us that he was singing "the new Coldplay song" at nap time. So let me ask a question... We really want to take him to the show, but don't know if it will be too much for him. He probably won't remember it when he's 10 anyways, right?

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WELCOME!! im a fairly new poster myself.


its awesome ur son is listening to coldplay instead of some of the trash u hear on radio these days. will become a fine young man someday haha.


as for the concert, i think hed be fine as long as ur tickets are in the pit or something lol. especially since hes a fan.


ohh and GO KINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Since I've not been to a concert yet, all I have is a good guess! It sounds fine, as long as you can handle the crowd, and have access to whatever facilities you need for your son. But maybe a comfortable set of earmuffs/earplugs would be advisable - things can get pretty loud, even just the crowd noise, for the sensitive hearing of a 4-year-old. Bring plenty of water, a cool hat, and you should be just fine!;) But hey, maybe seek better advice as well - I'm just guessing here!

Oh, and welcome aboard the board!!;)

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