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Hey Bookworm!

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As its the summer holidays now, I've been itching to read something great, but I'm having trouble knowing what to pick up. So, I was hoping to get some recommendations here.


I've just finished The Book Of Lost Things by John Connelly (amazing) and I tend to love anything by Neil Gaiman or Douglas Adams. Oh! And also a massive fan of Sherlock Holmes stories. Anyway, with or without that in mind, any books floating around that I should grab on to?


Thanks in advance (:



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Well, its not a book, but if you like Sherlock Holmes stories then a very good movie is called Murder By Decree in which he and Watson try to hunt down Jack the Ripper and uncover a complex conspiracy that reaches to the highest levels within British society. Its stars Christopher Plummer and James Mason as Holmes and Watson respectively - these are two of the best British actors ever. I highly recommend it. :)

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